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06.06.20 // Had some technical issues, but collection four is up now! If you haven’t already, please donate to a charity. If you have trouble deciding which, might I suggest Black Lives Matter.
05.20.20 // Hello! Hope everyone enjoyed collection .01 and are staying safe and healthy. Menu is now working and collection #two will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, check out some links here to donate and help save lives. I’ll also be adding links to places to buy masks and goodies that also donates their proceeds to help fight covid-19.
05.29.20 // Alright, collection III is up. It’s got some cool stuff from some cool people. Had fun with the design. It’s better on mobile, so go take a looksie on your phone rather than a laptop. Also, donate to a charity or support a contributor while you’re at it.
06.22.20 // Collection 6 is up! Thanks to everyone who submitted. I decided to include everyone’s contribution so there’s a good amount of stuff. Just a reminder, I plan on leaving this collection up for good, so if you’ve contributed and would like yours removed for whatever reason, just let me know. Also, I’m trying to figure out what else I can do with F+A. So, there may be some different things coming up. Dono. We’ll see.
06.03.20 // Be a part of the love. Donate to support our black communities and causes. Below are a list of links you can donate to.
05.21.20 // Collection #two is up, collection .01 is down, and col III is in the works. :) Sharing is caring. Okay, now it’s your turn!
06.13.20 // Fifth collection is live. Lots of card stuff. I’ll work on variety more. I’ll be taking submissions for the 6th collection! Rules are below so read carefully. Those that don’t follow directions won’t be considered for the next collection. There’s no limit to the amount of spots and you have one week to get everything in order and send me the perfect take of performance and explanation. RULES FOR SUBMISSION 1. Email entries only. Please submit to: [email protected] Include your name/nickname and “collection 6 submission” in the subject line. (e.g. Thomas Anderson - Collection 6 Submission) 2. Please email a downloadable link. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Wiredrive are pretty popular. 3. You must include both performance and explanation in ONE video. And the video needs to be UNDER 4 MINUTES. I won’t be doing any editing and the platform I use won’t allow videos above 4 minutes anyways. So make sure you send the best take. 4. Please also include how others can support you. Links to products, websites, social, etc. If you prefer not to promote, please send a link to a charity of your choice. 5. Your contribution must be unpublished and original. I know this is kinda subjective, so I will make the judgement call. Don’t be upset if yours isn’t chosen. It’s still great. I just can’t use it at the moment. 6. If you submit a video and are selected, the video will be up for good. So you’ll need to let me know if you want it removed. 7. That’s all I can think of for now. If you know someone who you think can contribute something awesome, feel free to share. 8. I lied. Deadline: 6/19, 1 minute before midnight in your timezone (as in midnight will be 6/20). 9. Oops. And please make sure your video is lit well. Tip: have light source in front of you. Okay, go!
07.06.20 // I’ve posted a new collection! I’m calling it 6.5 because they’re already published and not specifically contributions for charity. So, you may have seen some of them. Hopefully I’ve found some you haven’t seen. But they’re all cool. Some are friends of mine, some I don’t know. But either way, they’re all great. Next collection will be the last one. Then the site will be reworked a little. I’ll do my best to publish original content.
07.22.20 // Final collection up along with some updates. So very much appreciate you fine people. I’ve had fun and learned a lot. This site will undergo some minor rebuilding after next week, but will be back soon enough. In the meantime, support and donate as you’ve always done. 👊