Thanks for dropping by! I got some friends to help with a simple project for a great cause, and this is it. We’re gonna teach magic tricks for free (all previously unpublished) in support of each other, the magic community, and COVID-19 relief efforts. Here’s how this works. Since all the exclusive material is completely free, please thank contributors by checking out their work and buying their releases. I’ll provide links for easy access. Some won’t have any products but have asked instead for donations to any COVID-19 relief efforts. Here are a couple to get started:
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This is a difficult time for a lot of people, so don’t worry if you’re not able to spend or donate money. You can still help by sharing this project with your magician friends. I have promo material for IG and FB and I’m too old to know anything beyond these two platforms. Twitter? Twitch? Tiktok? No idea. They all sound the same to me. Anyways, big thanks to all my talented friends. At first I thought I’d just make a booklet, but then I got a lot more material than anticipated and realized there’s no way I’d be able to write, design and get it all printed anytime soon. So, instead, I hatched a nifty plan to make a website. This way, it’s easier to share and I’d be able to make more collections without additional overhead. There is ONE catch. When a collection gets published, the previous one will be taken down. This is so each contributor can get some love in the spotlight. All material will be reposted at some point. I’ll figure out how when time comes. The kind of material I asked for are stuff you can tinker with while we’re quarantined. Sleights, moves, DIY gimmicks, camera tricks, self-working tricks, etc. So, you’ll immediately be able to start playing with these ideas. I do want to see how long I can keep this going. At the time of writing this, I’m still waiting to hear back from a few people, and have about three collections planned. Some will make multiple appearances because they’ve contributed more than one thing. Big ups to them for going above and beyond. Okay, I’ve run out of things to type. Stay safe and healthy.