Oof. This was a lot more writing than I thought. Still with me? If so, you’re about to learn some sweet eye candy from Kevin Ho. He’s a giant in the cardistry community, a great magician, and an all around champ. I remember going to some party where he had a bit to drink and had to regurgitate his dinner, and then proceeded to perform sick card foolishness for strangers just to prove that he was “okay”.
👆 Performance Explanation 👉
.01 “3 fast, 1 furious”
Also, if you haven’t heard about it yet, the underground card move of the decade goes to T’s table control. It’s pretty great.
In this first collection are people who immediately responded and jumped on board when I hit them up. Except for Ryan (CHI). He took a little longer. Like a couple hours. It was worth the wait, tho. Also featured are my friends Tatanka (NYC), Kevin (MA), and Joel (NY). And in no particular order, here we go...
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So, this the first collection. Some friends will return in later ones. It’s been fun putting this together. So, thanks to everyone who contributed! Content is completely free so please consider supporting our contributors or donating to help COVID-19 relief efforts. I’m working on collection 2 now. So, in the meantime, here’s an astronaut:
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So, go get a quarter. Performance left, explanation below. You’ll need to spend some time with this to get comfy with the move.
You can read Ryan’s write up here. You should read it first then watch the performance and see how close you got. It’s more fun that way. Also, just a heads up, this was for the book but since it was cut, it didn’t get illustrated. All you need are four aces. It’ll take some practice but I believe in you. So does Ryan.
Joel has a wicked color change called “Catalyst” and all proceeds go to support the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. See?! Sweetheart. Find his sweet ass on IG @joelgreenwich if you have any questions.
NEXT. I met RYAN PLUNKETT a couple years ago on a fateful and starry night where we shared our love for whiskies and my face getting pummeled by his work. His first thing is an ace production that just missed the cut for the book. So, consider this the unofficial bonus material. Or Easter egg.
He just published a book “Distilled”, which is getting lots of buzz. He also co-wrote “A New Angle” with Michael Feldman, which was another hit. Go check them out.
Follow Kevin on social media IG: @visual.madness, YT: Kevin Ho Two of my favorites: Cardestroy, ArrowDynamics He’s has asked that you donate to Covid-19 relief efforts.
And if you ever end up going to Chicago (or are already living there), when things are back to normal again, pay a visit to the Chicago Magic Lounge. It’ll be a good time. It always is with Ryan. Find him on IG @plunk_n_grind
Undertow is taught in Dennis’s “Savant” on Lost Art.
Next time you’re in NY, track down T and you guys will jam until sunrise. Find him on IG @tatankatan then donate to some charities. Three here to get you started: NYHH, WHO, LMGTFY WW
UPDATE: So, “Reid” reached out, and his name is actually spelled E-L-I-O-T”. Way to go, T. Eliot sent me his original vanish with a quick explanation. Check it out here to the right. Thanks, Eliot! Find him on IG: @ejs9531
I hit him up and he immediately replied with a three things. One is a two-card transpo. Who doesn’t love a good transpo? First clip on the top is the performance. Explanation follows beneath. And just a heads up, this one involves a difficult sleight you’ll have to track down. Dennis Kim’s unpublished version also uses undertow to transpo. Undertow is published in “If An Octopus Can Palm” by Dan and Dave Buck. Unfortunately, this book is rare and very expensive.
First up is my boy TATANKA TAN. He gave me a bunch of things to share as soon as I told him about this project. One of them is his variation of a coin vanish he saw a kid named Reid do at Tannen’s. I’ve known T for years and he’s always working on some dope ideas. I didn’t have him show Reid’s thing since neither of us know him or have any way of getting in touch with him. But if you’re reading this, Reid (or Reed), please do reach out. Would be great to show your version of the vanish.
Anyways, grab some red and black spot cards and you’re gonna wanna remove your pants for this one.
Of the people I know personally, I can probably only name a few people that fall into the “sweetheart” category. Joel Greenwich is one of them. I met him at Buffalo 52 some years ago and have since always looked forward to hanging with him. He’s genuinely kind, knowledgeable, and creative.