One of the things that impressed me the most when I first met MAYHEW was his ability to randomly do the splits. I really only remember him doing it once. But it was impressive enough for me to write about it almost ten years later. So if you like his magic, get him a few drinks and you’re in for a surprise. Hint: the surprise is THE SPLITS. Also ask him about moose cock. Chris’s first contribution involves a plate. Or something plate shaped. So go find a similar item and you’ll need a deck of cards as well. If you can guess what the trick is before you watch the video, He’ll give you a prize. Hint: the prize is THE SPLITS.
Chris is on IG: @thesurrealmayhew. He’s also co-creative director of Lost Art. You can also find his work just by googling. He’s got tons of great stuff. tip: If you support him through Lost Art, you’ll also be supporting the creator of the trick you buy. Two birds, one stone. Just saying.
Story time. So, Chris hits me up one day and told me his buddy is moving from Toronto to New York and asked if I can be his buddy. Chris is awesome, so I said yes. I can say it was a great decision. MARK CLEARVIEW shares his vlog of his journey to perform at the Magic Castle. So, we’ll take a break from the tricks real quick. Here’s a short teaser first.
So, a couple things I need to mention. I realized I used different fingers to hold the cards in the performance and explanation. That’s my bad. I started practicing with my ring finger, but ended up using the middle finger. Got mixed up when shooting. You can test which one you like more.
Also, since this is for a posted video, I edited the sound. Obvs. I don’t really do magic for video, but really liked this idea when Jed told me. So, if you’re doing this live, you can 1: place soft or padded material off camera and practice aiming your dismount so the landing doesn’t make a sound. 2: To cover the springing sound, you can snap the fingers of your free hand. or bark. 3: Thank Jed for this great color change!
He has this super cool color change that you can to do for the camera. He wasn’t able to record the video, so I subbed in. It looks like this ==>>
I remember I used to share late night cab rides home when Jed and I both lived in the upper west of Manhattan. It’s a friendship that I don’t remember the exactly details of how we became friends. Something like: met Jed while drinking with a bunch of magicians and continued to drink every time when hanging with Jed. Dope magic involved. Flash forward to when we both eased up on the drinks and realized we’re now good friends.
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for his full castle act, Go bother Him on ig @markcleaRview. you can bribe him by listening to his podcast Quarantine Live or donating money to covid-19 relief efforts.
That’s it for this week. Next week will feature a self working trick and a gimmick you can make at home. Exciting.
collection # two THREE FRIENDS NO CUPS
Featuring: Jed Smith, Chris Mayhew, and Mark Clearview!
Performing at The Magic Castle
Mark Clearview
And now the whole shabang. Grab some chips and/or beverage, and enjoy.
You just need a deck of cards. Go grab those and peep the explanation below.
Jed has a download on Vanishing Inc called Three Kinds of Amazing. His IG (@JedSmith) is private, though. Mostly because it’s used to promote his Fans Only account. Support him however you can.