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For my show and tell It’s a quick transposition Like poo, do while sat
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Glenn Morphew has a great download on the rub-a-dub, Xavior Spade teaches the one-handed top palm on his YT channel, and please share, donate, and support the right cause. Now more than ever. Links on home page.
Zee is like a treat Two coin moves keep hands busy He sent me five things (more later)
Link for convenience: Beau kindly provided a nice download package for you guys. So, be dope and pick up a product from Lost Art where Beau is the co-creative director along with Chris Mayhew. He also makes coffee scented playing cards. Treat yourself then make a donation to support others.
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Lovely lovely Beau Turns baked goods into charger Shares a trick with phone
Alright, here ends another collection. Keep an eye out for next week’s fifth collection along with some news and updates about the site. In the meantime, #blacklivesmatter needs your support. Be the loving person you are and donate to help the movement. Links on home page.
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This Week On F+A The Return of Plunk ‘n Grind Whirl Ward Zee Beau-tiful McFace & Me
* This is a version of the classic one ahead triple prediction with cards. You can find Harapon Ong’s version “Direct Triple Prediction” in his book Principia.
Show your support and buy Ryan’s books from his website, follow him on IG, and make a donation to a charity. Links on home page.
Ry Ry has returned His trick predicted three cards And is zoom friendly
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