T’s back again with a utility move with cards and a couple applications.
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My bit is actually a hidden bonus in my coin vanish released with Lost Art. The LA boyz are kind to let me share it here.
Ben does everything in magic. He performs, he produces, he manages, and he’s a great dude to hang. He graciously let me crash at his apartment when I last visited TO and let me play with his cat. He’s the founder of The Toronto Magic Company. He hosts, produces, and performs on the virtual show “Newest Trick In The Macbook”. You can find his products just by searching his name on Penguin or Vanishing Inc. You can also find him on IG @train.ben.
Welp, this is kinda it. What was intended to be just one set of tricks turned into six collections over the span of two month. Definitely did not expect that. Thanks to everyone who contributed and extra thanks to those that supported artists and donated to charities during this crazy time. I do want to try a blog type thing. And since there were some that missed previous collections, what I’ll do is try to bring back some favorites from each collection through the blog. It won’t be everything since it’s ultimately up to the contributors. The blog format will be shorter and less “formal”. This will probably mean more posts but at random times. So, there won’t be emails or IG posts for updates. I have my own materials and thoughts to share, but will still feature things here and there. It should be fun. I’m tentatively calling the blog “Amuse-Bouche” for reasons that will become apparent later. Also, two non magic things. There’s a basketball documentary called “The Last Dance” about the last season of Michael Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls chasing a second three-peat. It’s now on Netflix and worth checking out whether or not you enjoy sports. It’s quite encouraging to see the determination and drive behind one of the biggest sports and pop culture icons in our lifetime. Second is that the Snyder Cut (Zach Snyder’s original vision for Justice League) will be airing on HBO Max next year. This one is a little more niche, but I’m excited. If you’ve seen the piece of studio interfered garbage that played in theaters, you’ve only seen about 20% of what Zach shot. Kinda interesting. The Snyder cut could still be a heaping pile of doo-doo, but it’ll at least be a heaping pile of doo-doo with integrity. Hopefully the original “Unite The Seven” will make a comeback. Anyway, I’ll get on with it.
I guess I forgot to ask him to walk through the transpo. But I think it’s more fun to figure it out. It’s also not too challenging to do so. T’s on IG: @tatankatan
Zee sent me a handful of coin vanishes, so here’s two more bits to play around with.
The coin vanish download that this is from does not involve a sponge ball. You can find it here on Lost Art. I also have a cards collection there, too. Three items on it: a transpo + 2x card to box; one folded, one unfolded. And I’m @wahpah on IG.
So, this is it for the collections. Please support artists and/or donate to a great cause of your choice. Thanks everyone. You’re the best. Stay safe and healthy. See you guys when the blog starts.
Ben Train from Toronto shares a minimalist ace assembly. It’s dope.
You can find more stuff from Zee on his website or at the new SansMind store. His IG is: @zeejyan Website: zeejyan.com SM Store: the online magic store
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