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What’s up with the video quality? Dude, it’s free. Also going for a casual vibe instead of the hyped up uber produced stuff. The site is designed for mobile but responsive to desktop and laptops as well. But if everything goes well, I’ll make sure to up the production value.
Can I make a suggestion?
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Can I contribute a trick? First, we have to be friends. If we are, then just dm/text/email me. If we don’t know each other or have only met in passing, feel free to reach out via social media and we can start a friendship and see where things go. Or you can wait until I run out of submissions and change the website name to Everybody and Astronauts.
Freaking out because of missing or incorrect credit? Relax, unclench, and send me an email with detailed information. Websites are not set in stone. We’ll get to the bottom of things and work something out.
How can I support this site? By purchasing products from contributors and donating to help the COVID-19 relief effort. And share all this love with your magician friends so they can support and donate as well.
Why is this site so basic? Because this just started, 🙄 . You can help, tho. If more people come and support, contributors will want to keep providing content. Others will want to contribute and this site will grow. Tell your magician friends about this and we’ll all explore what we can do together. Sorry about calling you a dummy before. But you called me basic first.