The One With The Door 1-16-21 I’m still trying to figure out how to organize the site. My current hosting service doesn’t have any functions for drafting and archiving posts and my subscription doesn’t end until May. So until then I’ll just link longer posts like I do with my notes. When time comes, I’ll see about switching services. Also, I just realized I’ve been dating posts 2020. Either no one noticed or no one cared to tell me. Ha. Alright, here’s a trick I do in my apt sometimes.
Haunteded 1-14-21 Here’s another excerpt from my notes. It’s a very simple and effective haunted deck and card routine. I’m not great at naming my tricks. So, since the haunting part happens twice, I’ve just added an extra “ed” at the end. I think that’s pretty good. Link here: Haunteded So, I’ve been looking for this thing for a while. It looks like a pair of old school 3D glasses. But when you look through them at a light source, you see a reveal of a playing card. Looks like it was made by but I’ve not had any success finding it on their site or elsewhere. So, let’s give this power-of-the-internet thing a try. If you know what it’s called or even have one, let me know! Looks like this:
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Pipe Dreams 1-8-21 If you have a copy of The Near Review Issue Two, you would’ve seen an abridged transcript of a recording from Fall 2019 of me and Tatanka chatting about pipe dreams. You'll hear us address Alex Hansford at the end, who we sent this recording to. If you haven't yet, do check out The Neat Review at Link is at the end of this post. We start around 2:30 if you wanna skip the random stuff at the front. I left it in for nostalgia sake. Also, this was our second take. Our first attempt was disrupted by a phone call five minutes in and I didn't realize it stopped recording. So, we did it a second time a week later, which turned out better anyways, and a cow interrupted us halfway through so there's a tiny break in the middle. But I was ready for it this time and picked it back up right after. Check it out on Anchor!
Ring Magic 1-7-21 I don't do a lot of ring magic, but I like playing around with it from time to time. This is a neat little sequence I’ve been messing around with for a while. It’s pretty simple and has some angle restrictions. But now that social media magic is trendy, this bit probably works quite well on Instagram. Take advantage of those frame rates, eh?
Friends and Astronauts
Friends and Astronauts
Sorry for the poor lighting. ¯\(ツ)/¯ I tried to color correct, but that only made it worse. So I put a cool VHS filter over to make it look cooler. Next post will be something different. It’s not a trick, but I’m excited for it. I actually have a lot of ideas for non-trick content. So, we’ll see how things go. Alright, that’s it for now.
Oopsie 1-4-21 For some reason, I thought that private videos on Vimeo could be viewed while embedded. I was wrong. So for those who checked out the two excerpts from my notes, you probably saw that the videos were locked. I’ve corrected this now. Link below for convenience: Umph Mystery I have a couple of interesting things in the works for the next couple of posts. So, come back and visit soon! I think cube magic is pretty cool and maybe I missed out since the trend kinda passed, but I’m pretty sure this is the best insta-solve for social media cube magic:
Mystery 1-3-21 Happy new year! Did everyone see how empty Time Square was? Anyways, I asked a friend on the west coast how the crossover works since I didn’t really celebrate New Year’s Eve before moving to New York. Turns out it’s broadcasted twice. Once on east coast time, then once local. Which makes sense. So, if you’re not on east coast time, you get to celebrate the ball drop twice. That sounded weird. Well, so I’ve got another trick from my notes. It’s a mystery card plot + sandwich-ish card trick. Link below: Mystery. Also, I’m still trying to figure out things with the website. So, you’ll probably notice small changes here and there. Like for instance, I’m thinking about moving the blog to the front page. For now, the blog will have a new page for each month. So, swipe right or click on the dots at the top of the page to navigate. Here’s a photo I saw on reddit of Time Square this year vs last year. Strange times. But let’s make the best out of this one! Ta.
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