UMPH 12-31-20 It’s been a weird year for all of us and I hope we can all have a better one in 2021. I didn’t grow up celebrating holidays or birthdays or whatever, so it was never really a big deal in my family. But this year was so drastically different that it feels like a new year is very much needed, symbolically or otherwise. So, I’ve been working on some notes and it’s finally getting some momentum. I’m so indecisive that I’ve lost count how many times I’ve tried to put this thing together. I’m hoping that I can finish it this time around now that I have a direction I’m pretty happy with. So, here’s a trick from the notes. It’s my take on triumph (ugh, I know, not another triumph) but it’s a simple one that happens in the spectator’s hands. I originally published it in Magic Magazine some time ago. So if you’ve read that one and liked it, you’ll probably like this slightly updated handling. It’s by far my favorite triumph in a casual setting. Link below: Umph. Happy holidays and happy new year!
WE’RE ALMOST BACK! 12-23-20 F+A is ALMOST back. We’ll call this a soft launch. I was going to have all these cool sections that lead to other pages, one of them being a blog called "Amuse-Bouche". But as I started to build the site, I realized the platform I'm using would make archiving a real pain for something that complex. Then I spent way too much time trying to figure out what to do next. And all of a sudden, it's the end of the year and nothing has happened. So I decided to simply scale down for now, start with this blog, and figure out the rest as we go. So for now, it’ll be just a blog format. There won’t be a specific schedule or email notifications so just check in whenever. Maybe I’ll mention something on IG or Twitter for the “official” launch. I’ll try to post a couple times a week. They won’t all be tricks, though. And posts will also stay up indefinitely. If you want to contribute something or wanna say hi, you can email me at [email protected] I’ve also been thinking about starting a Discord so we can build a community to hang, jam, and support each other. I’ve been working on a few things and will be sharing them on here. I don't have a timeline for anything, so bare with me. I’ll leave collections 6 and 6.5 up for a bit until the blog gets going. Welp, here we go. See you on the next post! Oh, also. Whenever I type "welp", I'm reminded of a high school friend who thought I was calling him a "welp" whenever I say something like “welp, see you later”. He just assumed it was something bad. Haha. Silly wabbit.
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