This is the penultimate “collection”. It’s some interesting finds on the web. I tried to include more non-card stuff. You’ve probably seen some of these, but maybe I found a couple you haven’t, yet. And I’m sure there are other great free content out there. So, if you have one, feel free to pass it along. Having said that, there will be one more collection from my friends, then I’ll be reworking the format of the site. It’ll be good times. Thanks to everyone who supported artists and donated to save lives.
Nic Lawrence is a visual machine. He has three tutorials for free on his WEBSITE at the bottom of the homepage. My two favorites are above: a diminishing deck you can make at home called “Reduction”, and straw thru bill called “Stir”, which you can find in the video “Something Out of the Ordinary”. The latter is a large collection of various DIY gimmicks. IG: @nicholaslawrencepresents Website:
Alright, that’s it for now. Support these artists and donate to charities. See you next week!
Slipshift: 6yrs L8er
The Virtual Long Card Trick
The dollar bill origami bunny from a hat is super cool. I’ve always liked it. Then I found this version that has a better looking bunny. The fold itself is more complicated, but it’s worth it. YT: JeremyShaferOrigami
Origami Rabbit In A Hat 2.0
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The Palmsley
I’ve been on and off pseudo move monkey. And recently, I’ve been itching for some technical moves regardless of their applicatability (not a word, I know). This is a toughie, but a funzie. Chris Ramsay teaches it above, Daniel Madison with an expansion pack below. IGs: @chrisramsay52, @danielmadison YTs: Chris Ramsay, Daniel Madison
Rattle Boxer
Cool move from Xavior. Palm + Elmsley. Palm from an Elmsley count. It’s a move within a move. So sneaky. IG: @xaviorspade YT: Xavior Spade
Discovering channels
Here’s one from the archives. I have an impromptu rattle box that I shared a few years ago on Xavior Spade’s YT channel. No cards involved. Its a vlog, but the tutorial starts at 4min in. Hope you likesies.
DK Magician has some really cool stuff. I dig his style. Along with this bill change, I also like his card color change that he also has on his YT channel called “Dive”. IG: @dkmagician YT: DK Magician
If you like the long card trick but don’t like to carry around a 3-foot card, this could be cool. If you want the images, leave a comment on the youtube video with your email address and he’ll send you the images. IG: @majestic_1991 YT: Majestic
Stir & Enjoy
Bill Change